I've been working with wireless networking and communication. My research interests are future Internet,  5G networks, Internet of Things, device-to-device and machine-to-machine communication, and user behavior characterization on mobile networks. I'm also advising several undergraduate students in their undergratuate thesis. 

On going projects

  • Analysing Device-to-Device Communication through simulations. (2017-2018) PIP/UFOP -  undergraduate student scholarship.

  • Evaluating   Device-to-Device Communication testbed using off-the-shelf  devices. (2017-2018) PIVIC/UFOP -  undergraduate student scholarship.
  • Modeling mobility through Wi-Fi logs in a campus. (2017-2018) PIVIC/UFOP undergraduate student scholarship.

  • Internet of Things as a multidisciplinary course. (2017-2018) PROATIVA/UFOP -  undergraduate student scholarship.

Past projects

Complete list available in my  Lattes

Opportunistic Mobile Data offloading
(2016-2017) CNPq Post-doctoral scholarship