Simulações de N-corpos

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N-body orbits

Órbitas The orbits of these particles were obtained by direct summation (i.e. explicitly computing the gravitational forces at each successive time step to obtain their positions). This animation illustrates initial conditions resulting in: a circular orbit, elliptical orbits of different ellipticities, a hyperbolic encounter, a three-body problem (including the particular case of a so-called "figure eight choreography"). Finally, the orbits of 1000 particles distributed as a Plummer sphere are shown.

Gravitational N-body problem: direct summation

Direct Summation This is an illustration of the required number of force computations to solve the gravitational N-body problem numerically by direct summation. For N bodies, N(N-1) computations are needed at each time step.

Gravitational N-body problem: tree code

Tree Code This is an approximate illustration of the basic idea behind the tree algorithm, which is often employed to solve the gravitational N-body problem numerically (Barnes & Hut simulation).