From Aromas and Perfumes, the Market of the "Smell" Industry


Speziali MG. From Aromas and Perfumes, the Market of the "Smell" Industry. Quimica NovaQuímica Nova. 2012;35:861-864.


FROM AROMAS AND PERFUMES, THE MARKET OF THE "SMELL" INDUSTRY. Several flavors and fragrances (F&F) companies hold the economic leadership in the market, although not always have also the leadership in patent applications. The ranking of technological production in the fragrance area still remains with industries while scientific knowledge is equally shared between industries and academia. Contextualizing Brazil in this scene, despite all scientific expertise gained over the years, brazilian technological park is still at the beginning of the production of technologies applied directly to the F&F industries. The dependence on foreign technologies is remarkable as indicated by the great trade deficit in this sector.


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