Desmystifying Patent Protection in Universities


Speziali MG, Guimaraes PPG, Sinisterra RD. Desmystifying Patent Protection in Universities. Quimica NovaQuímica Nova. 2012;35:1700-1705.


DESMYSTIFYING PATENT PROTECTION IN UNIVERSITIES. Brazilian universities and research institutions still fail to protect the knowledge and technology produced by their community of students, staff and professors while Intellectual Property (IP) issues along with the role of patents and their strategic management in educational and research institutions remain taboo or misunderstood. The focus of this work was to demystify these subjects, including IP, patents and their requirements, the decision to patent as well as tips for successful patenting. Any student, professor or researcher of an educational or research institution can invent and protect their technology. This paper shows how to make such a patent application.


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